Our Services

We use all of our professional capacity in order to most efficiently help our clients find an employment and adapt quickly to life in the EU.


We provide services for the legal employment of our clients only from trusted and serious employers.


We provide full support for employment and assist in opening a bank account, registration and receipt of all necessary documents for legal work in EU.


We meet our clients at London airports, take them to their destination, provide accommodation in the corresponding host city and help to adapt in a new place.

About Us

About Us

Solid Advisor is a recruiting agency with large and positive experience in EU. We help our clients to move and get a job from the best and most trusted employers in the EU.

Our Team

We have assembled a good international team of professionals in the field of recruiting, which allows us to understand the needs of our clients from different countries and cope with all the challenges and tasks that arise during the working process.

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